What are Banners and how do I use them?

Banners can be a great way to promote HotelsCombined on your website or blog. Here are a few tips on how to best use the Banners and achieve good conversion:

1. Know your audience

Before choosing the banner style and placement, think about what your users are looking for on your website/blog. Too many different banner ads can confuse users. Instead, try to make your site look interesting visually and match the banner ads with your site's style, keeping it clutter-free and limiting to the ads that users might find the most useful.

2. Make it clear. 

As there's not much text or functionality within a banner itself, you need to make sure that your users are clicking for the right reasons. Ensure that the context of the page where the banner is located is related to booking accommodation. For example, you can promote a destination-specific banner on your dedicated travel pages within this specific destination. Try not to mislead the users by placing the banners on pages with content that's unrelated to travel.

3. Choose visible placements.

Provided your visitors are well targeted and interested in travel/hotels, it's important they see the banner straight away. Place banners on as many pages as you can and choose prominent places with good visibility, such as along the top and on the sides of the page.

4. Think mobile. 

Optimize the user experience across all devices. We offer a range of banner sizes in the Affiliate portal that are suitable for mobile view, such as 125x125, 125x240 and 300x250px.

5. Label your banners. 

If you are using many placements to promote your banners, it's important to add  Labels to your banners via the Affiliate Portal. Labels are an important tool to help you track the performance of your different banner placements and know which are performing well. Adding labels to your banners is easy - you can customize your banner HTML code by adding a label parameter directly in the Affiliate Portal.