Which product should I choose?

Our Program offers a wide range of touchpoints, including  Search boxesText links and Banners.

We can also offer the  White Label option, which allows to seamlessly integrate our hotel metasearch on your website. If you are interested in using a White label, please visit this page to send us your request.

Each affiliate site is different, and we encourage partners to experiment and find the best performing implementation method for your site. To help you get started, we have put together some tips for the most appropriate product based on your website category and target audience:

(Travel) blog 

If you have a personal blog or a travel site with your own content, Text links/Deep links from specific hotels and destinations will be a great way to monetize the traffic from users who are already interested in a specific destination or hotel. These work best when you use a  personalised call-to-action message to catch reader’s attention, and we recommend experimenting with different messages to see what works best for your audience. In addition to the Text links/Deep links, you can also use location or hotel-specific Search boxes and place them near your blog entries, articles and reviews, whether they're hotel, travel or destination-related.

Destination guide or directory 

Using location-specific  Search boxes, redirecting to search results either on your White Label template, a Co-brand or to HotelsCombined, gives great results when focusing your marketing efforts on a particular market. The more prominent the placement of a search box is on your pages, the more hotel searches will be done by your users. Therefore, we would recommend adding a search box on every page if relevant. Our eye-catching Banners can also be a good choice if you're looking to promote our HotelsCombined brand on your website. Place the banners prominently on your website, mix them up with other touch-points, and remember to track your performance with Labels to see which touch-points work best.

Social and community websites 

Are you promoting events, sharing holiday tips or writing reviews on a community site? A generic hotel  Search box linking to a White Label can be placed wherever users might be interested in looking for accommodation near their place of interest. To increase traffic, you can also share the different hotels via your newsletter or social media pages, using Text links or Banners.

Merchant, price-comparison and classified-ad sites 

You can easily promote the hotel metasearch along with other services on your website. We recommend adding  a Hotel tab to your header or sidebar menu, so that your users can easily notice the accommodation search offering on your website. From the Hotel tab, you can redirect users to a  White Label to promote your own brand, or the HotelsCombined site if you would like to benefit from our brand. Additionally, we found that cross-selling of the hotel search with other products works particularly well. For example, you can place our search box in the sidebar of your flight-search page and place a Banner or a Text link with a compelling call-to-action anchor text on the booking confirmation pages.

Whichever category your website belongs to, it is always recommended to track the performance of your touch-points by labelling your affiliate links.