Welcome to the HotelsCombined Affiliate Portal

Here are a few pointers to help you get started and find your way around.



You will find the main navigation bar across the top. Consisting of Dashboard, Reports, and Products.

You can also access the Dashboard by clicking on the logo in the top left-hand corner:


In the top right-hand corner you will find a secondary menu providing access to your Profile, Help/FAQ and Contact Us. You will also find the log out button here:


The dashboard features a current performance overview, including real-time transactions and commission.

You can cycle through the available preset dates:

You can get a quick overview of your various top 10s for the same period:

The Conversion Trends and Traffic Trends line charts reflect the last 8 weeks, regardless of the date selected.

You can toggle each of the metrics on and off by clicking on the legend below the chart:

You can  click here for more information about the Dashboard and Performance reporting.


Performance reports

Performance reports give you detailed insights into how you are doing. 

It shows aggregated data up until midnight of the previous day. Choose from one of the preset options or select your own time period to run a report:

Performance summary

The performance summary gives you a snapshot of the total metrics for the selected period. At the top of the report you can see the dates for which your report was run.

You can also view graphs or directly jump to the transaction report for the same period (provided that the period does not go beyond the past 90 days):

Modify vs Start Again

After running a report, you can either modify it, add data, or change any of the selections. Alternatively, clicking “Start Again” will clear the form so that you can generate a new report:


You can sort the results in the table by clicking on column headings:

You can  click here for more detailed  information about the Performance reporting.

Transaction report

The transaction report lets you view each of your transactions over the last 90 days. This data is also available in real time, and we recommend exporting it on a regular basis:

You can  click here for more detailed information about the Transaction report.

Payment Report

Get an overview of previous payments as well as projections of future payments.


This section provides various integration methods. You can  click here for more detailed information about our Products.

Search Boxes

One of our most popular and effective integration tools are the search boxes. You can create and manage your search boxes from this sub-section.

Create New

The search box wizard takes you through a series of the steps to create a new search box. Follow the on-screen prompts and customize the best touchpoints for your site.

You can  click here for more detailed information about our Search Boxes.