What's a Transaction report and how do I use it?

The  Transaction report is the most detailed report in the Affiliate Portal. It gives an overview of individual transactions within the last 90 days, including fields such as transaction date and ID, brand, labels, language, device, user location and your earnings. The  Transaction report is updated in real-time. However, due to caching of some data, it might be delayed by up to 10 minutes. 

You can access the  Transaction report anytime in the Affiliate Portal or download it in Excel and save it for your own records.  
When viewing the  Transaction report online, it will open a new window, allowing you to modify the reporting dates directly in the URL. For example, the URL of the  Transaction report for time period  1-10 July 2018 will look like this:

The 'startDate' and the 'endDate' format is YYYY-MM-DD, and you can modify the 'startDate' and the 'endDate' directly in the URL to change the reporting time period. Example of a URL for time period 3-12 August 2018:


You can then click on the Download button to extract the transaction data for different time periods, without the need to navigate through the Affiliate Portal every time.

By doing so, you can keep records of your traffic data for future analysis. This may be useful, for instance, if you're planning to compare your  Labels performance over a longer period of time (more than 90 days). 

One of the ways of doing this is by creating an Excel spreadsheet, copying-pasting the generated transaction report table onto the spreadsheet, and saving it in your local server. From there, you can also create Excel PivotTables. Example:

Please refer to the Miscrosoft Support pages  here if you would like to learn more about PivotTables.

Depending on your development resources and requirements, you can also take advantage of the decipherable transaction report URL format to set up dynamic data extracting.