Do all payment methods work in all countries?

HotelsCombined Affiliate payments can be sent by international bank transfer to most countries. There is generally no limitation to this payment type, but the payment may need to go through an intermediary bank, so make sure you check for processes and fees involved. 

Please note, PayPal does not allow funds transfer in certain countries. To see a complete list of countries that may not be compatible with PayPal, we suggest you visit the PayPal website directly. Here is a link to the relevant page on their website:

If you live in any of the countries that are not compatible with PayPal, you will only be able to accept payments by international bank transfer. Please note that this payment type has a higher minimum payment threshold than PayPal, so you will need to earn at least $500 before we can process your payment.

If you are an Australian Resident, please read How do I get paid? carefully.

Please also make sure that you are not a resident of any of the excluded countries listed here.