Why didn't I receive my payment?

Possible reason 1: The most common reason for not receiving an expected payment is that your minimum payment threshold is set too high. Sometimes this happens when you change from one payment method to another. Please note that your chosen payment method may influence the value you can set for the minimum payment threshold.  

Possible reason 2: Another common reason is that you may not have exceeded the minimum payment threshold before the end of the previous month. Your current accumulated earnings may exceed the threshold, but unless they exceeded it at the end of the previous month, your payment will not be processed. To confirm your actual earnings for the previous month, simply log into the Affiliate Portal, navigate to the Performance Report and select the previous month as the time period.

Possible reason 3: It is also possible that your payment failed because the details provided for your chosen payment method are incomplete, invalid or were provided too late. We usually try to contact you if we notice a problem with your payment details, so it is important that you ensure your contact (email) details are always up to date. 

If your new payment details were provided too late, rest assured that your commission payment will roll over to the next month's commission, and we will attempt to process your accrued payment again in the next payment cycle.

Possible reason 4: And lastly, if you still haven't received payment by the 30th/31st of the month, you may simply need to wait a little longer for the payment to arrive.