How do I get paid?

HotelsCombined offers 2 different payment methods : PayPal (available to all partners expect Australian residents) and bank transfer (available to all partners). 

You are also free to choose the minimum payment threshold for your account. You do this from the  User section of the Affiliate Portal. Set a low threshold if you want to receive smaller payments more frequently, or set a higher threshold if you want to receive fewer but larger payments. 

The threshold works as follows: 

- If your earnings exceed your minimum payment threshold at the end of the payment cycle, we will process your payment. 
- If your earnings fall below this threshold at the end of the payment cycle, your earnings are carried forward into the following payment cycle, next month. 

Due to the transaction costs involved with processing payments, the lowest value you can have for your minimum payment threshold depends on the payment type you selected. PayPal allows you to set your threshold as low as $100, whereas the lowest threshold for bank transfers is $500.

Be aware when changing payment methods, as it may affect your minimum payment threshold. 

Note that all non-Australian bank commission payments are processed in USD.

Important: Be sure to enter all the required information for your chosen payment type, as missing fields or incomplete information will lead to delays in your payment. 

Australian Residents only - The only payment type available for Australian residents is bank transfer and the lowest payment threshold is $100.  All Australian residents will receive their payment in AUD.

If you are an Australian resident, you are required to provide your ABN and the local Australian bank details in the  Business Profile section of the Affiliate Portal. Please ensure that both an Australian BSB and account number are included.

Once your payment is due at the end of the month, our accounts team will reach out and provide you with a "Recipient Created Invoice", based on the information you provided in the Affiliate Portal. No further action will be required from your end.