Can I use paid search to generate traffic for my website?

The HotelsCombined Affiliate Program allows Paid Search, as long as the  Affiliate Agreement is adhered to. The main point to note in the  Agreement is that our trademarks and the trademarks of our compared provider sites (including logos, domain name, business name, etc.) cannot be used in your advertisements and cannot appear in your keyword lists. This is standard business practice to protect the goodwill of our brand and that of our supply partners.

This means you are not allowed to promote HotelsCombined or the Co-brand solution in paid search, as that would mean referring to our trademark in search engines. It also means that you are required to add the HotelsCombined brand keywords to the negative keywords list in all online campaigns. 

If you are unsure about what is allowed, please contact us before you launch any paid advertising campaigns.