How can I track my traffic using labels?

Using labels for tracking of your affiliate links is a great way to help you identify the best placements and compare them to advertisements that don't convert well.

A label acts as your own tracking code, which you can later look up in your  Dashboard and Transaction report to optimize your campaigns.  

You can use the Transaction report to keep record of your label performance over time. Please refer to this article ("What's a transaction report?") for more information.

To add a label, simply fill in the label input field in the Text link or Search box creator, or manually insert the "&Label=" parameter like this:

You can use a different label with each traffic source, page or placement, depending on which will be the most useful to optimise your traffic. 

Important note: You can use any combination of letters or numbers for the label, as long as it doesn't exceed 15 characters. If you need to separate certain words we recommend that you use spaces, underscores '_' or dashes '-' . Noe that ampersands '&', question marks '?', equals signs '=' and other non-URL safe symbols are not allowed unless they are URL encoded.