How are my links tracked?

All our linking methods pass through the affiliate's unique identifier (affiliate ID), and this is how our system knows which visitors were delivered by each affiliate.  

You can find your unique affiliate ID in the top-right corner of your Affiliate Portal account, following the hash key. We store this ID on the visitor's computer using a browser cookie, so that any time the visitor returns to directly over the next 365 days, we still attribute commission to your account.
Please note that even though your affiliate ID disappears from the search bar, it still gets stored in a server session variable and a 365-day cookie on the user’s computer. To check whether your affiliate links are correctly set up and tracked with your affiliate ID, you can install a cookie manager plugin in your browser. If you're using the Chrome browser, you can download a cookie manager extension (such as EditThisCookie), to easily check if your affiliate ID and label are still stored.