What are Text links

Text links are links to specific pages on the HotelsCombined website, the White Label and Co-brand.

You can choose to send users to the dedicated hotel and city pages, and add a Label for tracking purposes.

Example hotel deep link (with a label):


Example city deep link (with a label):


To generate Text links, please navigate to the Text links section in the Affiliate Portal. It’s good practice to always use this link generator tool because links include several important parameters that are specific to your affiliate account. If you simply copy the URL from your own browser's address bar, it won't include these parameters, and we won't be able to track your commission from these links. 

The special parameters for text links are: 

a_aid - This is your affiliate ID, required to track your commissions. More about affiliate ID.

brandID - This is your Private Branding ID. More about White Label and Co-brand.

label - This is where you place your own tracking text. More about labels.

Important note: Unless you use a White Label custom URL, please ensure that all your affiliate links include your unique affiliate ID a_aid parameter at the very least.