How do I set up a White Label (sub)domain (custom URL) using a CNAME DNS record?

Step 1: Notify the Affiliate Support team about the proposed CNAME  using this contact form  to ensure your new (sub)domain will work properly. 
The team will advise you of the end point name you should use in your DNS.
Please note that we only allow custom subdomains ( OR www subdomains ( We do not allow apex domains, such as
Once this is done, follow these steps (or similar) in your DNS:

Step 2: Go to the Zone File Editor for the domain name you want to update. 

Step 3: Click Add New Record, and the Add DNS Record window will display.

Step 4: Select CNAME (Alias) from the Record type list

Step 5: Complete the following fields: 

- Enter an Alias Name: enter the (sub)domain name for the alias assignment e.g. hotels 

- Points to Host Name (or equivalent): enter the end point as advised by the Affiliate Support team.

Step 6: Click OK. 

Step 7: Click Save Zone File, and then click OK. The new CNAME record will display in the CNAME (Alias) section. 

Step 8:  Contact the Affiliate Team once your DNS settings are ready, in order to complete the setup.

Important note: Please note that if your CNAME record is mapped to a CloudFlare domain, you will need to change this. CloufFlare will prevent the setup from working properly. Our site is already using a content delivery network, so there is no need to host your domain on another one.