How do I get started?

Step 1:   Choose your integration method.

You can get started by choosing the integration method you'd like to use to promote your affiliate links.  

Our Program offers a wide range of touchpoints, including  Search boxesText links and Banners.
We can also offer the White Label option, which allows to seamlessly integrate our hotel metasearch on your website. If you are interested in using a White label, please  visit this page to send us your request.

Each affiliate site is different, and we encourage partners to experiment and find the best performing implementation method for your site. 

Step 2:   Place your affiliate links on your website to attract visitors.

Linking to HotelsCombined is very easy! You can place  search boxestext links and banners or your White label URL on your webpages by simply copying and pasting the relevant HTML codes.

All the necessary HTML codes and image URLs for all our linking methods are provided within the Affiliate Portal. Please use them to ensure that links are set up properly with your  unique identifier (affiliate ID) and that commissions are properly tracked.   

Since the linking methods are available in  multiple languages, you can target audiences within a particular market or use the hotel search in your international domains.

Step 3:   Convert your traffic into serious earnings.

Visitors come through your affiliate links and use our hotel comparison technology to search and book accommodation across our network of provider sites.

You will earn commission for generating quality traffic through your affiliate links. You can use the  reports available in the Affiliate Portal to track your performance. We recommend using labels for more in depth reporting data.

Step 4:  
Your commission payment for the generated bookings is processed.

The commission payments are processed monthly, provided the minimum payment threshold has been reached. 

Important note: Please remember to fill in your personal details in your Profile section early, to ensure you don't miss out on receiving your commission.